Creative Uses For Your Shoelaces


If you think that shoe laces are strictly for your shoes, you’re missing out on a whole host of opportunities to make your shoelaces worth their cost, and even pay for themselves. Shoe laces are a versatile item that can serve you as a handy tool, as well as a DIY project. This blog will outline some of the different ways you can use your high quality shoe laces to benefit you beyond keeping your shoes on your feet.


1. Retrieve lost items.

If you lose an item down the drain, in between seats in the car, or somewhere else that seems impossible to get to, your sturdy shoelaces are a great solution. If you lose something magnetic, like a ring or a key, tie your shoelace to a refrigerator magnet. Before you know it, that ring will be right back on your finger. If the item is not magnetic, you can attach a paperclip to the shoelace and retrieve your item like a hook.


2.Fix a leaky sink.

    Think about that noise a leaky faucet makes. Drip, drip, drip. After a while, it’s so annoying and wasting water that you’re paying for. Before you can figure out the direct cause and get it fixed, consider your shoelace as a temporary fix! Tie your shoelace around the faucet head, and allow it to drape straight down to the drain, guiding the dripping water back down the drain and stopping that annoying dripping noise. Thanks to your trusty shoelace, no more annoying dripping noises and no more wasted water while you wait to get your faucet fixed.


    3.Replace strings in pants or sweatshirts.

    If the string in your favorite sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants needs to be replaced, it’s easy with your handy dandy shoelace. Simply tie the shoelace of your choice to the end of the string that’s currently in your sweatshirt or pants, and pull it through! This is a good idea if your sweatshirt or pant strings are frayed, worn, dirty, or a color that you don’t like.

    4.Measure oddly shaped items.

      A shoelace is your best friend when it comes to measuring items that are not easy to measure. Simply wrap and tie your shoelace around the item, mark the point that needs measuring, and compare the shoelace to a measuring tape for the specific numerical measurement. This works well if you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, or like most of us, can never seem to find your measuring tape.

      5.Use them for gift wrapping.

      Shoelaces make a great substitute for ribbon in gift wrapping. They are easier to tie than slick ribbon, and come in all your favorite colors and designs. Not to mention, their durability and flexibility means they’ll last if you have to have your gift shipped.

      6. Use them for camping, or backpacking.

      When you’re in the outdoors, you never know what will happen. Your shoelaces could end up being your best friend. If you or someone you’re with gets hurt, a shoelace is a great way to stop the bleeding from a wound. In extreme cases, if someone gets bit by a snake, you can use your shoelace to slow the venom from spreading and causing harm. Some less scary uses for shoelaces in the wilderness are: using shoelaces as a substitute for a rope or string to hold down tarps or tents, or hang a hammock.

      7. Use it for fishing.

        A shoelace makes a great substitute for a fishing line if you lose yours somehow. Shoelaces make a great fishing line substitute because of their durability, they won’t get tangled and break like some fishing lines do. Simply tie your shoelace to a fishing hook (or even soda tops if you’re really desperate), attach bait, and voila! From there all you need is a little patience, and you’ll catch a fish in no time.

        8. Create jewelry.

          If you’re particularly crafty and looking for ways to make a little extra cash, use your shoelaces to create unique jewelry pieces and accessories. Shoelaces are great for creating unique necklaces and bracelets with added beads, chains, and combinations of colored laces. A current trend in DIY jewelry, is crafting bracelets from shoelaces and can tops. Try it for yourself!

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