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About Us


Brother Brother Products began when we realized how hard it was to find quality shoelaces that had color variety and would still fit seamlessly with our shoes. Then, we began to take a closer look at what made quality shoe laces. Examining existing color pairings, finding the missing options, and determining what our customers wanted most. After all that, we created shoe laces that fill the gaps. Brother Brother laces are designed to last, offer greater variety in every pack, never tangle, and fit hassle-free.

We named our company Brother Brother because of the strength of our, “family ties.” Yes, the pun is intended. Our company doesn’t stop with just two brothers; we keep the whole family involved. From our family to yours, we help you access the finest in quality and style.

Men do quite a bit each and every day. From hiking a new trail to leading a business meeting, from hitting a new personal record at the gym to playing outside with their kids. We have shoelaces to match every shoe, every occasion, and every style. With Brother Brother, men’s accessories are taken to the next level — that’s our passion. From shoelaces to socks we offer it all. Capture your look and boast your style. Shop now for yours.