These are very premium men’s underwear. The micro modal feels similar to silk but it also breathes well and absorbs moisture. The size was just right if anything a pinch small however it’s difficult to tell because they conform to your body so well. If in doubt size up one. Once you wear these it’s difficult to go back to anything else. Highly recommended

Best underwear I've ever worn

Great material and they are affordable!! Definitely buying 10 pairs.

Surprisingly versatile Boxer Briefs

Bought a set for five for the gym, but they've been so nice I'm thinking of swapping all of my underwear for these. I've been wearing micromodal undershirts for years and these have the same feel. They're surprisingly cool and comfortable. I love that they don't show plumber's crack when you're leaning over to do yard work or grabbing shoes off the bottom shelf. Somehow, against the laws of physics, the legs stay in place and don't ride up, even if you do a deep lunge. Quite pleased. Planning on ordering more sets for casual wear.

Only the best will do for my hero!

It’s a fact these are what my gentleman considers to be the most comfortable supportive underwear he has ever worn and I’m just happy that he’s happy!
I took an entire day to research underwear can you believe that I guess love makes a woman do crazy things. I appreciate the honest reviews that helped me make my decision since buying online can be a real crapshoot (lol) Now it’s my turn to pay it forward You can’t go wrong with these just check the size 1st

They Survived the Eyelet Gauntlet

Can't beat it for the price. I'm one of those strange one's that changes their shoelaces almost every day to match my work shirt... I know it's weird, but it helps me stay on task to do it each evening. The shoelaces are well priced (cheap actually) and have made it through multiple iterations on both metal and fabric eyelets without any wear and tear. I'll be ordering a few more color combinations.

Strong, well-made laces

Great laces. They are thicker than the average dress shoe lace, which I like. They feel very strong and well made. I only wish they would have included a purple for the trendier option.

Nice variety of colors and seemingly very sturdy

Nice variety of colors and seemingly very sturdy. Good replacement laces for dress shoes where a waxy finish really helps.

Colors and the material of the laces are good and it is cheap

The product arrived without any problem. Colors and the material of the laces are good and it is cheap. Would buy again.

30 inches and great color.

At 30 inches, the laces were exactly what I needed. The different colors in this set was ideal for adding a hint of color to my wedding wardrobe (3days-4looks). I was hoping the Blue was a bit deeper/darker but that's just a personal preference. Overall great laces!

This pack of laces is the perfect length for my dress shoes

I used a pair on my golf shoes, too. I haven't used them for long so I can't really comment on durability but from looking at them they seem to be well made.

Five Stars

Great laces and customer service.

Five Stars

Great product, like the multiple colors.

Good quality and right size

Very good quality and it fit as I expected

5-Star Quality

Great selection of colors. The quality is very good, and the price was right!


 These are so cool, arrived on time and good quality!

Good product at a good price.

Great variety and perfect length. Used these on a pair of ankle length boots that are difficult to find laces for.

Great looking laces and fits my four outlet oxfords well

 Great looking laces and fits my four outlet oxfords well. I’m big on the durability of laces and since I just received these I can’t say much about that yet. They look good and do not feel cheap so here’s to hoping they will stand the test of time and not snap too early!

Quality coating on laces

Good quality laces for a good price, they're more malleable that other waxed laces so keeping a tight show with a tight knot is easy. All the colors look very nice as well.

Cool colors and durable

Exactly what I was looking for. Cool colors and durable.

Great product. Great communication from company.

Perfect product at a very reasonable price. I will order again.

Just Right!

Just what I wanted. Perfect colors and size. Quick delivery. Thank you

Five Stars

Perfect replacements for my Allan Edmonds shoes

A nice assortment of color laces

A nice assortment of color laces. They fit great on my oxfords and other dress shoes. I tried some with my chukka boots as well and they work but are a bit thin for larger shoes. I would stick to using them for dress shoes. Quick shipping and a good product.

So far the laces are great. We were mostly wanting the electric blue laces ...

So far the laces are great. We were mostly wanting the electric blue laces but like the other ones too.