Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style

No matter what your style is, maybe you don’t even think you have a style, it’s a reflection of you. At one point or another, you may decide that you need to amp up your style. Maybe you got a new job that you have to look professional for, or you want your style to more accurately reflect your personality than it already does. No matter the reason, amping up your look every day doesn’t have to be impossible. Try out these simple tips, and you’re guaranteed to show the world a more sophisticated version of yourself.

Add Layers

Layering sounds like a technical fashion term, but it’s not. It’s very simple. When you add layers to what you’re wearing, you instantly look more professional and sophisticated without having to try very hard. It’s instantly more visually appealing, and therefore will catch the attention of those around you (and keep it). Not to mention, layering is practical. It’s an outfit that you can change on the go, shedding a layer when you get hot, and adding a layer when you get colder. Or perhaps, giving a layer to your significant other when they get cold. It’s a win-win-win!


Accessorizing isn’t hard. Simply add an extra element to each outfit as you get ready for each day, and you’re done. The accessory that you choose can depend on the occasion you’re dressing for. However, if you’re going for everyday style, you have more options. Consider adding a scarf if it’s chilly outside, a watch, a belt, a tie, different colored shoelaces, etc. Adding one piece to every outfit you put together requires no effort and tells people that your look is effortless, but you still care about how you look.

Iron Your Clothes

One of the easiest ways to make your clothes look higher quality than they actually are is to iron them. Believe it or not, the professionalism of your look increases dramatically when you appear in an outfit without any wrinkles, as opposed to trying to get by with wrinkly clothes. Wrinkly clothes convey the message that you don’t care about your appearance nor wherever you are going, and when you are needing to look professional, this is not a good thing. Invest in a hand steamer, which will quickly and conveniently remove the wrinkles from your clothes.

High-Quality Jeans

Nothing says sophistication quite like a pair of well-fitted, dark jeans. Dark wash jeans that fit you well are not only a way that you can appear more sophisticated and mature, but they’re comfortable and can be dressed down just as easily. They’re the versatile, professional pair of jeans that will elevate your style simply by putting on your pants.

Invest In Black And Brown Dress Shoes, And Laces.

Believe it or not, the shoes you choose to wear says a lot about your style. A general rule of thumb is to invest in a pair of black and a pair of brown dress shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Getting both brown and black shoes give you variety in regards to your footwear, and will go with practically any outfit you put together and add an element of sophistication. However, it doesn’t stop with your shoes. Changing out your shoe laces by color is a great, subtle way to reflect your personal style and add a pop of color.

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