What Your Shoelaces Say About You

While a lot of people don’t spend a significant portion of their day thinking about shoelaces, at Brother Brother, you can bet we do it a whole lot. As premium shoelace designers for men’s fashion, we’ve done our fair share of brainstorming about men’s laces and how they can affect your look.

While most people aren’t consciously thinking of such things, you’d be surprised to find what shoelaces communicate on a subconscious level. In fact, there are many different ways to lace your shoes, as well as a wide variety of different lace types, which you can find on our online store.

Oftentimes, you can somewhat tell the character of somebody by looking at their shoelaces! While this obviously shouldn’t be your go-to method of assessing one’s character, it can be interesting how shoelaces reveal a small aspect of someone’s nature. Let’s take a look!

Laces Tucked In

Some people, in fact, don’t even tie their laces, preferring to just stuff them inside their shoe because they don’t feel like tying a knot. Someone who does this is probably a more laid-back person who has little regard to how others feel about them — this is a person who is simple, carefree, and who doesn’t like to complicate their lives with little things, even if it’s something as simple as tying a shoelace in the morning.

Traditional Crossed Laces

On most shoes, the default method of lacing is crossed laces. If you’ve bought just about any new pair of shoes from a store, you’re probably familiar with this method. If someone is using the standard cross method with stock laces, it means they never really cared enough about their shoes to make any changes. This is the category that most people fall into, so if you meet someone that fits this description, bad news — you might actually have to get to know them to figure out their character. The shoelaces just aren’t enough here.

Colorful Laces

Ever seen someone wearing shoes that are clearly packing laces that replaced the original ones? In most instances, these are a brighter color, but they don’t necessarily have to be — for example, a classy gentleman could invest in our dark pack to make his dress shoes look even more sleek. Regardless of whether the laces are bright and snazzy or slick and sleek, this means that the person cares about smaller details, and it’s also a form of self expression. Bright-colored shoelaces might indicate that someone is creative and outgoing, whereas more subdued replacement laces might just be a sign that a man has a great attention to detail.

Shoelace Styles and Accessories from Brother Brother

Whether you’re buying new shoelaces because the ones you have are falling apart, or you want to make an expression, Brother Brother has you covered with the finest shoelace accessories and styles for men. Looking to improve your shoelace game? Look no further — we’ve got everything you need to upgrade your style. Browse our online shop today!